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Updated 14/02/96

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Arguments and references in support of Atheism
Updated 29/04/96
Arguments and references in support of Religion
Updated 19/02/96
Why would an Atheist turn to religion? What would make an Atheist lapse into his or her abandonned faith? Can an Atheist come to honestly believe in God? All this, plus some questions to which the self-examining Atheist should give at least some consider.
Updated 14/02/96
What sort of religions and Christian denominations might appeal to religiously-inclined Atheists?
Updated 14/02/96
"Hello. My name is Ken, and I'm an Atheist..."

* What is AA?
Atheists Anonymous is an imaginary support group for Theistically-minded Atheists, created (or should I say "evolving?") as part of my ongoing struggle to reconcile my disbelief in God to my strongly felt religious inclinations.

What do the AA pages offer?
For the foreseeable future, AA will be less about statements or answers and more about questions. You will find here sincere, thoughtful, respectful treatments of Atheism, Theism, Christianity and religion in general. Other, quite excellent, WWW sites present more complete discussions of Atheism and various Theist positions, yet generally do so with little apparent sympathy for opposing views. AA faces Atheism honestly, but with respect for the sincere and deep motivation of religious faith. Similarly, AA approaches Christianity fully aware of the modern difficulty in accepting traditional beliefs. Much of the material is culled from various modern and historical sources, interspersed with my own commentary.

For whom is AA?
AA is aimed primarily at Atheists who, like myself, feel a pull towards religion or have disquietingly un-athesistic spiritual leanings, but I intend it to have a broader appeal. AA is also for recovering Atheists who've come to believe in God but are still coming to terms with their scepticism; for Christians who are trying honestly to face doubts about their faith; and for agnostics who might (or might not) be trying (or not trying) to move towards stronger belief (or unbelief).
Perhaps only those who are completely, unequivocably sure of their faith (or lack thereof) will find AA completely vain.

Who died and made you an expert?

No, seriously.
I make no claims at all to expertise in philosophy Atheistic or Christian. But after many years of just taking my Atheism for granted, I've come to find myself unsatisfied with Atheism (as I knew it) and at the same time unsettlingly drawn to Christianity. I've devoted much study to the foundations and implications of both Atheism and Christian theology, and am using these pages as a forum to air my thoughts and also to attract the ideas, questions and insights of others who are concerned with the same problems. Lest anyone accuse me of objectivity, let me state up front that the sources and commentary will be highly slanted to my own (still developing) opinions. Those who wish to may read more details about my biases and background.

Care to have your say?
If you'd like to contribute a page, a paragraph, a quotation, an idea or even simply a useful reference, please do. Atheists Anonymous was conceived partly to draw in others' perspectives on these questions, and I certainly welcome the assistance. Just send me email.

Author: Kenneth Moyle, moylek@mcmaster.ca - Last updated:14/02/96