In Defense of The Celestine Prophecy

My opinion of The Celestine Prophecy has not gone unchallenged; far from it. In fact, dozens of Redfield's followers have lept to his defense, dismantling my arguments with brutal logic, biting wit and penetrating philosophical insight. What follows is a completely unfair selection of the writings of my favourite Celestine Apologists (reproduced without permission but without attribution).

The writer soundly chastises me for wasting time, fearing the truth and being a bleating sheep...

Sent: 	Saturday, September 07, 1996 5:33 PM
Subject: 	Pathetic

I think your writing about how you hate the celesting prophecy is so
poor and 'unreadable' (may I put) is pathetic.  First of all, if you
don't like a certain piece of literature, WHY READ IT???  There is no
point AT ALL in reading something you dislike.  And not only that, but
after you 'read' The Celestine Prophecy, you went on to read The
Experimental Guide.  Now, WHY DID YOU DO THAT?  If you didn't like the
first novel, why did you go and read the guide?  I found your writing to
be arrogant and closed minded to open situations.  I agree that some of
the items in the book may be unrealistic, but who cares?  All that was
put into the novel to make it more interesting to more people and to
keep the reader in suspence.  I think one of three things about you.
1)You had nothing better to do with your time, so you decided to
criticize someone else's work and 'make fun' of it or 2)you're afraid to
admit that some of it might be true, so you try to convince everyone,
3)you simply didn't want to be like everyone else so you decided to
'hate the celestine prophecy'.

	I think your the one who's writing is boring and 'no good'.

I'm offered pity and prayers, miserable, hate-filled, self-blinded creature that I am...

From: 	xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxx
Sent: 	Thursday, June 27, 1996 7:36 PM
Subject: 	Why I Hate...

I think the key word here is "Hate". I feel very sorry for one whom feels
threatened by any message of peace that they make such a strong ,
outgoing attempt to undermine it. Obviously there is little to naught I
can convey to you that would change your opinions on this topic. God be
with you,and I will keep you in my prayers Kenneth. Your fellow human ,

No fooling this fellow. He sees right through all of my talk of sprituality and philosophy to the cold, hard, obvious truth: "Why I Hate The Celestine Prophecy" is part of my campaign for the obfuscation of discourse, the triumph of materialism and the presidency of Dan Quayle (his only omission is that I'm an agent of the Saucer People, working under the supervision of the Reverse Vampires)...

From: 	xxxx xxxxxx
Sent: 	Sunday, August 04, 1996 7:53 PM
Subject: 	why i hate the celestine pro.

the only reason I could see for you hating this book, is because of your
statment. that it is simple. i guess it's obviously not simple enough
for you to possiby understand.  your total lack and hate of anything
to do with spiritual enlightment and understanding, shows in all your
text.  I suppose you also believe that dan quayle(e) would have been the
free worlds saviour.

Apparently, if I follow Redfield I can escape the control of The Fear and thus avoid death in The Spiritual Upbringing. Sigh... I just know that I could have brought this dear girl around to my side if only I had her gift for clear, cogent argument...

From: 	xxxxx
Sent: 	Monday, September 02, 1996 2:30 PM
Subject: 	Listen up!

Listen up. The Celestine Prophecy is what the human race is coming to.
If you want to one of the "non-believers", that's fine with me. You
can just die in the spiritual upbringing, with others that are
controlled by the fear.

Grasshopper, try to snatch the insight from my hand...

Sent: 	Tuesday, August 13, 1996 2:54 PM
Subject: 	Celestine Prophecy

Mr. Moyle,

	It's sad that you wasted your time writing about the Celestine
Prophecy, just to show how ignorant you really are.  I hope one day
you'll recognize what the book is about.  "When the student is ready-
the teacher will appear."

I feel compelled to mention that I have received a number of thoughtful, intelligent, well written critiques of my review; a few refute my arguments without specifically defending The Celestine Prophecy, others defend the popularity of the book, and some argue for the value and truth of Redfield's ideas. I will post a page with these longer, less amusing responses if there is sufficient interest.

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Author: Kenneth Moyle,
Last updated: Sunday, September 29, 1996